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In Endless Laser Defender the player takes control of the ship and tries to defeat as many enemy ships as possible. Due to some damage you have no control over firing, it was activated and cannot be turned off anymore. As mentioned in the name the game continues endlessly with the enemy ships respawning. By defeating the enemies you collect XP, which you need to buy upgrades for your ship.

This game is entirely for free, you can decide yourself if you want to support the developer and let the advertisement on or not. To turn off the advertisement go to the settings from the start screen and tap on the toggle button below the "Advertisement" label.

How to play:
Touch(and hold) the display on the left or right side to move in the corresponding direction. Avoid all attacks and try to survive long enough.


  1. Firing Rate
  2. Health
  3. Speed
  4. Projectile Speed


  • Sound Volume
  • Music Volume
  • Advertisement Setting: can be turned off!

Install instructions

You will be redirected to the google store where you can download the game with a valid google+ account.


EndlessLaserDefender.apk 23 MB

Also available on

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